Canadian Shield Adventures

Meet Our Team

Blake & Brenda Anderson - the team at Canadian Shield AdventuresBlake & Brenda are passionate about the outdoors and sharing it with others. They are also both extremely fond of people and families. Blake and Brenda invite you to join them on an outdoor adventure and experience the Canadian Shield in all it's awe-inspiring beauty.

is an active outdoors man with experience in kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and winter survival.
He is a bush pilot with much of his flying experience being in the very region that Canadian Shield Adventures will be operating. This gives Blake a unique knowledge of the area. Blake's aviation background has developed in him map-reading and navigation skills, knowledge of weather, water and topography that all lend themselves to being a great trip planner and guide.

is a certified fitness instructor and leader with kayaking experience.
She grew up on a fly-in fishing resort and comes from a family of outdoor entrepreneurs. In addition to her fitness background, Brenda is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist with experience in sports-related injuries and rehabilitation. Her current full-time interest is in the joy of raising her and Blake's ever growing family.

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